Teaching Artists

Our artists and staff bring Shakespeare to life in new ways every day. We also engage with students of all ages all over the state via in-school residencies, out-of-school programs, adult classes, teacher training, Department of Youth Services partnerships, and more. Here are some of our team members you may have a chance to meet and work with:


ASP’s Teaching Artists

  • Kadahj Bennett
  • Dana Block
  • Thomas Grenon
  • Jennie Israel*
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Poornima Kirby
  • Gabriel Kuttner
  • Johnnie McQuarley*
  • Maurice Parent*
  • John Peitso
  • Paula Plum*
  • Anneke Reich
  • Lori Shaller
  • Mara Sidmore*
  • Magda Spasiano
  • Michael Forden Walker*
  • Lindsay Williams
  • Ron Wyman


*Member of ASP’s Resident Acting Company