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ASP Residencies with Youth in Department of Youth Services Facilities

“Towards the end, getting closer to the play, I wanted to quit because I was nervous, but I didn’t and the play went perfect! … I would like to change the fact that [the residency] ends right after the play. I think we should keep going!”­

“I wouldn’t want to change anything! I would like to reinforce our writings [because] they really spoke something from us.” ­

–Participants, DYS Pelletier Girls’ Assessment Facility


Each year, ASP teaching artists work in residential programs for court­-involved youth aged 12 – 21 under the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS).


Over a period of 8 – 12 weeks, teaching artists and youth create an ensemble who explore Shakespeare’s plays and write, sing, dance, rehearse, and perform. The creativity, passion, and courage of these young people is truly remarkable, and our company is honored to be a partner in this work.


ASP also works with youth in transition out of DYS facilities through our after­-school and summer programming, and our programs are featured at the annual statewide DYS Youth Arts Showcase.


We welcome your support for these programs.

ASP’s “Shakespeare Inside & Out” program is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Anonymous Family Foundation.


Download our 2016-17 Project Education brochure.


Contact: Michael Forden Walker, mfw (at), 617.776.2200 x228

ASP was a recipient of a 2007 Social Innovation Forum Award and the 2010 Margaret Stewart Lindsay Inspiration Award for this work.


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