School & Teacher Programs

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“Unlike most of my other classes during which I have a hard time finding the words to convey my ideas and I prefer working alone, I have learned…to communicate and work with others. I have been totally surprised how much I have liked learning this way.” ­

— Boston Public School Student

“I learned that I am more creative than I believed. This class forced me to step out of my comfort zone…every time I did, I came out learning more about myself.”

–Boston Public School Student

“One of the gifts of working with ASP is that I get a chance to explore the world of Shakespeare and bring that knowledge and insight back to my students. After attending the Teacher Institute and diving into the text, my classes are filled with words, images, and voices of characters that jump off the page and into the bodies of my students, some of whom have never set foot into a theater.” ­

–Participant, ASP Teacher Institute


Searching for creative ways to teach Shakespeare and inspire your students? Teachers, take ASP’s Summer Teacher Institute! Or bring us to your school: explore a Shakespeare “SWAT” workshop, a month-­long residency, or a year-­round partnership in your classroom.


Whether working in classrooms alongside English teachers or as guest artists directing a full-­length production, ASP’s goal is always to lift the play from the page and create a personal, visceral experience of Shakespeare for students.


Shakespeare Inside and Out: INSIDE Schools