What is the Project?

Dear ASP Community,


There has been a lot of discussion recently about what the “Project” means in our name. We are Actors’ Shakespeare Project. But what is the Project? Is the Project the plays? Is it all of our Education work? Is it engagement with the various communities in which we perform? Is it the fact that we are, as an ensemble of actors, always working on projects together to more deeply explore Shakespeare’s plays, our stories, our relationships, and the neighborhoods in which we work together over time? Or is it all of the above?


If there is one thing we know for sure from working with Shakespeare, it’s that language is powerful. It’s visceral. It’s personal. And it is full of meaning; often rich, layered, multiple meanings. This year, as we continue to passionately tell Shakespeare’s powerful stories, we will also pause to unpack this important word – “Project” – in our name. We’ll enter an ongoing conversation about what the Project means to all of us, and what we want it to mean in the next chapter of our company’s growth. For now we are rebranding all of our youth and community programs under the heading “PROJECT EDUCATION: Shakespeare Inside and Out.”


Meanwhile, we invite you to experience Actors’ Shakespeare Project in every aspect you can. Whether you take a class, meet the actors at a talk­back, work with us in your classroom at school, train with our incredible teaching artists, or take a peek behind the scenes at an Open Rehearsal, we look forward to welcoming you. If you support our deep work with young people at the Department of Youth Services or at the Forest of Arden Youth Studio, we thank you and invite you to renew your support. We believe Shakespeare is for everyone. We believe Shakespeare changes us and our world, inside and out.


Take a look at all of the ways you can engage with the Project and let us know how you want to be involved. And spread the word! All are welcome, whether you love Shakespeare or know him not.


See you at the Project!

Mara Sidmore
Director of Education Programs, Projects, and Partnerships

Download our 2016-17 Project Education brochure